320 Watt Quantum Board V4 Plus

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    · High efficiency white light Quantum Boards

    · White Light Full Spectrum for better results

    · Reliable passive cooled design, 10mm thickness plate

    · Better canopy light penetration with diffused light

    · Perfect performance for veg and bloom

    · Dimmable

    · 1 Year Warranty for board

    · 5 years Warranty for Meanwell driver


    Emitting Color: 3000K/3500K

    Power: 320 Watts

    Voltage Range: 48V

    LED: 3*(Samsung 252PCS LM301H+12PCS CREE 660NM+4PCS LG 395NM+4PCS CREE 730NM)

    Flowering Footprint: 2.5’*5’ or 2’*4’

    Veg Footprint: 5’*5’

    System Efficiency: 200 LM/W

    System PPF Efficiency: 3.03μmol/J


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