Athena Pro Core (25lb)

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  • Athena Pro Core provides strong baseline nutrition across all stages of plant growth. Nitrogen to assemble chlorophyll and amino acids. Calcium to build structure. Essential microelements to catalyze photosynthesis enzyme production and a multitude of important plant processes.

    -Readily available Nitrogen Calcium and essential microelements
    -Fully soluble dry fertilizer no particulates or sediment -Works with any dosing system: Dosatron Netaflex Rhythm -Mixes completely at room temperature
    -Low heavy metal content

    Ideal for mixing stock tanks and compatible with all dosing systems. This large-grind mix is 100% soluble and will not clog irrigation systems or leave sediment in reservoirs.

    Mixing Instructions
    Always use in combination with Athena Pro Grow or Pro Bloom. Measure by weight not volume. Do not combine in dry or concentrate forms.

    Stock Tank: Mix at most 2.5 lbs per 1 gallon water agitate well until dissolved. Dose at a rate according to desired solution strength.

    Reservoir: Mix at 60% of Pro Grow or Bloom. See dosing chart for target EC mix rates.

    Ingredients Calcium Nitrate Iron EDTA Manganese EDTA Copper EDTA Zinc EDTA Boric Acid Sodium Molybdate


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