BuildASoil Heady Start Seedling Soil Recipe

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  • Heady Starts Seedling Soil

    Best Texture + Best Nutrition = Heady Starts

    Mixed with all the favorite extras into the perfect texture of PRO-MIX to make a superior Plug and Seedling grade soil. Excellent for starting seeds in small cells or any situation where you want the absolute best for your young plants.

    By adding Worm castings and Volcanic Rock dust we transform this basic PRO-MIX into living soil. We added each ingredient for a very specific reason. The volcanic rock dust is not only phenomenal for plants it helps aid in creating the perfect gentle texture for your starts. Next we added in Fish Bone Meal, Mustard and Big 6 which form a perfect starting boost of NPK, CA and Micronutrients for peak plant health right at the start.

    The biggest difference you can make in the garden is to have the absolute healthiest starts. Blending the ideal texture with the ideal amendments is the best way to solidify the future of your farm.


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