PRO-MIX HP MYCORRHIZAE, Open Top Grow Bag (.5 cu ft)

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  • PRO-MIX® HP® MYCORRHIZAE™ Open Top Grow Bag

    - 0.5cu ft - Loose Fill Open Top Grow Bag 

    Ideal for producers seeking a clean growing solution that saves time and money for efficient cultivation. The formulation of fibrous peat moss and coarse perlite ensures superior plant growth and yields, with the added convenience of all-in-one grow bags. Enhanced with MYCORRHIZAE™ to expand root system and increase resistance to stress.

    • 65-75% Canadian sphagnum peat moss
    • Perlite - horticultural grade
    • Mycorrhizae PTB299 - glomus intraradices, for enhanced nutrient and water uptake, stress resistance and overall root and plant health


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