URB Natural (4 oz)

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  • SAFE and EFFECTIVE on all plant life, in all growing mediums and systems. URB Natural is a stimulative poly-microbial inoculant with multiple, complementary functions that can be noticed working in all phases of the plant life cycle. SEED to FINAL FLUSH.

    Our precision engineered microbial formulation is suspended in a triple screened 12% humic acid carrier, stabilized at a balanced pH of 7.0, which allows it to effectively work in all mediums and growing systems.These humates act as a carbon food source for the microbial formulation, are high in organic matter and contain micronutrients, such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and manganese.


    -Bacillus subtilis
    -Bacillus lichenformis
    -Bacillus subtilis subsp. spiziizeni
    -Bacillus pumilus
    -Bacillus megaterium
    -Trichoderma harzianum


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