FloraFlex Trellis Net (5'x15')(3.5" Squares)

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  • Why Choose Floraflex Trellis Net?

    Easy to Install, Wrap, and Tie!

    When it comes to supporting your plants, convenience matters. Floraflex Trellis Net is incredibly easy to install, making it a hassle-free solution for gardeners of all skill levels. Simply hang the netting vertically or horizontally, align it with your garden's layout, and secure it with ease. Say goodbye to complicated support systems that consume your precious time and energy!

    Stable Structure for Optimal Support

    Floraflex Trellis Net is built to last, providing a stable structure that keeps your plants in place during their entire growth cycle. The white polyester mesh offers a soft and non-abrasive surface, ensuring the safety and health of your plants. Its stable structure ensures that your plants receive the support they need to grow vertically and horizontally, promoting even canopy development and uniform growth.

    The Benefits of Using Floraflex Trellis Net

    1. Promotes Healthy Growth: With its carefully designed 3.5" squares, Floraflex Trellis Net encourages proper air circulation and light penetration, allowing your plants to flourish. The netting guides your plants' growth, preventing overcrowding and ensuring each bud receives the nutrients it needs to thrive.

    2. Easy Access for Maintenance: Maintaining your garden becomes a breeze with Floraflex Trellis Net. Its well-spaced holes and mesh netting allow for easy access to your plants. Pruning, watering, and harvesting become effortless tasks, saving you time and effort throughout the entire growing season.

    3. Durable and Long-lasting: Crafted from high-quality white polyester, Floraflex Trellis Net is built to withstand the rigors of gardening. It resists stretching, tearing, and fading, ensuring that your investment lasts for years to come. Its durability makes it the perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor gardens.


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