Mars Hydro FC E3000 LED Grow Light (300 Watt)

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  • FC-E3000 is densely installed with BridgeLux chips, giving a high PPFD of 1000umol/m²/s, suitable for personal cultivation and veg room. UV and IR are added to the full spectrum to meet the plant's growing needs.

    • Wattage - 300w
    • Veg Coverage - 3'x3'
    • Flower Coverage - 2.5'x2.5'

    For Indoor Horticulture growers, from professional cultivators to hobbyists

    High Efficiency and High Quality: The dense light chips and special arrangement combination make FC-E3000 have even light distribution and stronger penetration. The high efficiency, which can reach 2.8 µmol/j, also does not need to worry about overdrive.

    Exclusively Designed Spectrum: The extra 410nm UV and 730nm IR are beneficial to improve plant yield and taste. Meanwhile, the full spectrum provides the light needed for the whole growth period of plants.

    Designed with Adjustable Light Bars: The spacing between the light bars can be adjusted according to the growing requirements of the plants for more accurate PPE to boost plant growth. The removable design makes the light easier to set up and swap.

    Dimming of Daisy Chains: The lights are designed with a dimming knob that adjusts 10-100% of the light, making dimming even easier. Up to 30 lights can be controlled by daisy-chaining and by just one light.

    Quick Heat Sink: The wavy aluminum heat sink and 17mm passive cooling bar generate less heat, reducing cooling costs by 50% over HID/HPS lights. 


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