Cultured Biologix pHlush (16oz)

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    All-Natural Flushing Solution

    pHlush is a carbon-based agent that releases and dissolves bound up salts and insoluble elements in the nutrient solution. These weak acids complex (attach) themselves to insoluble molecules and release them back into water so they may either be removed from the media or taken up by the plant. Used with every feeding, prevents pH and PPM complications throughout the grow cycle. Used at higher rates, pHlush acts as a strong and effective flushing agent to remove excess nutrients in the container and growing medium. 



    Stabilizes pH

    Releases Built Up Salts 

    Safe for Beneficial Microbes

    Adds Porosity to Compact Soils


    Application Information

    Container Plants (Soil / Soilless): Mix 0.2 – 0.4 tsp. (1.0 – 2.0 mL) per gallon of water with each feed and drench the medium (soil, coco, etc.) for daily maintenance throughout each stage of plant growth. 


    For a pH/ppm reset, mix 1 tsp. (5.0 mL) per gallon of water and drench the medium till you achieve 10 – 20% run off. 


    Vegetative  = 1.0 mL / gallon

    Flower = 2.0 mL / gallon

    Flush = 5.0 mL / gallon


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