PhotonTek SQ 300 Watt Pro LED

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  • The SQ300W Pro LED is the perfect compact and powerful LED Grow Light for tight spaces up to 3.3’x3.3’ coverage.

    P-Tek is thrilled to announce the launch of the new SQ300W Pro Full-Spectrum LED. Designed specifically for tighter and more compact spaces, the low wattage SQ Pro line will deliver the best light spectra on the market combined with very-high PPFD levels.

    With a footprint coverage up to 3.3’x3.3’ the high efficiency SQ300W Pro grow light is a perfect solution for home-grow, grow tents, grow rooms and all kinds of indoor cultivations.

    Only the highest-grade materials and components are used in P-TEK’s LED fixtures. Delivering safe, dependable light P-TEK SQ Pro fixtures have industry leading performance. By perfectly balancing a high quality, full spectrum light with highest intensity PPFD delivered through a even square shape bar design. P-TEK Creates the ultimate ceiling of light for the entire plant growth cycle, making these LEDs the smartest option for a higher and faster return on investment.

    Producing very high levels of PPF output of 816 µmol/s and a Photon Efficacy (fixture efficiency) of 2.7 µmol/J, the SQ300W Pro LED creates a homogeneous light spread at close distance from the crop canopy, resulting in outstanding results when used in 3.3’x3.3’ coverage indoor grow areas.

    Universal Control Systems Compatibility
    P-Tek Pro LED Fixtures can be fully controlled with either the P-Tek Digital Controller or with any other Control System that utilises 0-10V output signal. Even if your Universal Controller has an RJ port interface, you can still run our LEDs by using a signal converter RJ to 0-10V control adaptor.

    Product Code: PTEKLED024
    Efficacy: 2.7 µmol/J
    PPF: 816 µmol/s
    Input Voltage: 120-277V, 50-60Hz
    Input Power (100%): 310W
    Input Current (100%): 2.72A (120V); 1.4A (230V); 1.16A (277V)
    Footprint: Up to  3.3’x3.3’
    Waterproof: IP65
    Lifetime: 60 000 hrs
    Light Distribution: 120°
    Light Source: Higher Spec White, Red & Far Red Diodes
    Dimmable: OFF-25%-50%-75%-100% with 0-10V Light Dimmer (Included)
    External Control: With P-Tek Digital Controller
    Weight: 11.46 Lbs
    Dimensions: 22.08’’x22.08’’x2.82’’
    Spectrum: Full Spectrum
    BTU: 1051 BTUs/h


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