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  • The fresh, slightly peppery flavor of watercress is great in salads and on sandwiches. Watercress is an aquatic plant in the wild, usually found growing along clear running streams in cool climates. But it can be grown as a garden plant with proper attention to establishment and plenty of water. The best place to grow watercress would be in a naturally damp area on your property.  Lacking one, you can grow watercress in a bog created by digging a depression, lining it with plastic, and filling it with 6-8 inches of compost or a soil-compost mixture. Another strategy is to grow watercress in pots in fertile soil that retains water well, then place the potted watercress plants in pans of water refreshed daily. Or stand the pots in a water feature if you have one in your landscape. In any case, the two essentials are fertile soil and lots of water.

    Watercress can be direct seeded about two seeds per inch and barely covered, then thinned to 4 inches apart. Or start seeds indoors in individual pots to grow on before transplanting to 4 inches apart outside.

    Watercress is perennial in Zones 6 through 9.

    1 gram pack = approximately 4,000 seeds.


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